What amazing thing did Joel Young do on Fiverr?


One day Joel Young popped on my radar as I researched ways to increase your chance of success on Fiverr. Joel’s made a lot of money on the platform and I learn a few interesting things about his approach.

Who is Joel Young?

Joel is a husband and father. Family is so important for many of us. To me, it’s my driving factor for why I get up every day and do what I do.

Joel Young, top rated seller on Fiverr via YouTube
Joel Young, top-rated seller on Fiverr via YouTube

Joel is a pastor. He worked to share his religious message as his day job. However, he could not find steady work and traveled a lot with his family. Joel tried a new path and always kept his family in mind to provide stability for them.

What did Joel Young accomplish on Fiverr?

Joel needed voice-overs for a project he worked on. He decided to give Fiverr a try. Joel did his research, order a gig, and after the work was complete, an idea popped into Joel’s head. This idea changed his life dramatically.

He thought to himself, what if I do voice-over work? This was a great idea for Joel. Being a pastor, you have to be a great public speaker. Your job is to deliver a message. If you don’t do this well, you will get feedback pretty quickly on this fact.

Initially, Joel tested the platform as a buyer. He then moved to the seller side to offer his service. This is a great way to see a service as a buyer before you sell on a platform.

How much did Joel Young earn on Fiverr and how long did it take?

Over six years, he’s earned over 1.5 million dollars. Yes, millions with an ‘m’. Joel admits it wasn’t easy. He had to work his job as a pastor and work his Fiverr gigs at the same time. He did this until he made enough money with his Fiverr gigs than he did with his job as pastor.

Where can I learn more about Joel Young outside of Fiverr?

CNBC wrote a great article on Joel. You can also check out Joel’s current gigs on Fiverr. You can watch him share his advice for becoming a successful voice actor.

Become a successful voice actor by Joel Young

Are there any other sources available to learn about voice acting?

Of course, there are others resources. I will let Anna Brizzy cover this one. You notice common themes being Anna and Joel. Enjoy.

Brizzy Voices: How to start a Voice Acting Career

What if my voice is horrible? What should I do?

Do fear my friend. I have options for you. Check out some of my other work on this site.