Simple facts you should know about Fiverr gigs


After a handful of completed gigs under my belt. I’ve seen a few patterns. I’ve distilled these patterns into facts that can provide you a little insight into how your potential customers on Fiverr think about gigs.

Fiverr Fact 1 – Some people don’t really know what they want

This can happen to anyone. You explain what you want to someone. The person builds or creates it and immediately you know it’s not what you wanted. Unfortunately, most people think they know what they want. What they really need is to see a concept and a few iterations of change to get something close to what they want.

This will happen on Fiverr. Be ready for this. Call out a reasonable number of revisions a person can make within a gig. This can help you complete gigs on time without a lot of added stress.

Fiverr Fact 2 – Some requests will not even be close

People need help on Fiverr. They come to the site, search, click a gig, and fire off a question. I think sometimes people aren’t really reading your gig. They need help and they’re trying to take the easiest path to get there.

This can be frustrating. If someone is asking you if you do something you’re not good at, you have a few choices.

  1. You can let them know that what they asked for is not what you do.
  2. You can see if there is something you can do to help them.

Choice number one seems like the easiest and more efficient way to do with these rouge queries. You don’t waste a lot of time investing in something you have a small chance of being successful at.

Horseshoes by Laura Stanley

Choice number two may have an upside. You may find the people asking for something that’s not even close to the gig you posted may have a very large project they need help with. You may find work that is ideal for you.

There are other vectors you can create with a small investment of your time. Have you heard of gig flipping? Yeah, you should definitely check out my post that covers gig flipping plus other interesting topics.

Fiverr Fact 3 – Many people don’t care about references

If you interview for a full-time job, the company that wants to hire you will check your references. This rarely happens on Fiverr. Just to be clear. When I say reference, I mean people you worked with previously. I do see people asking to see previous work. I consider previous work and the people you’ve worked with past as two different things entirely. For one, your previous work can’t answer questions. Someone you worked with in the past can answer all types of questions.

This is a live document that tracks Fiverr facts

I will update this document over time. I don’t have many Fiverr gigs under my belt. I’m sure I will learn more things along the way. I will share whatever I learned. Thanks for stopping by.