Fiverr Forum: Why am I not getting gigs?


I’ve been on Fiverr for a few months and recently I stopped receiving gig requests. What happened?

I started working on Fiverr earlier this year and it was great. I had a constant stream of gig requests. All of a sudden I stopped getting gigs on Fiverr. There are simple and not so simple fixes for this problem. Here’s what I learned and what you can do about it.

Laptop with gigs by Aiden Frazier
Laptop with gigs by Aiden Frazier

Is your gig active?

Yes, this seems like a stupid question to ask. However, I would definitely check to make sure. This happened to me. Fiverr has rules in place to make sure gigs are still relevant. One problem I ran into was that no one sent me questions for a gig I posted for a long time. After I found this problem, the solution was to activate the gig. I felt dumb after it happened, but I know to keep an eye out for this in the future.

Are you reading notes from Fiverr?

The team at Fiverr is constantly updating the platform. Any change on the platform can make your gig less relevant. For example, let’s say Fiverr stopped using titles to produce search results. Your gig was a top search result that may be buried in results after this change. You may be on the 20th-page after this change. I know this is a made-up example and Fiverr will likely never do this, but remember to keep an eye on what’s changing on the platform.

Ask yourself how are buyers finding your gig?

This aligns with reading notes from Fiverr. I always ask myself ‘what are people looking for?’ I look at gigs with a lot of reviews. I search for gig titles on Google and Bing. I’m constantly trying to understand how buyers find gigs. If you figure this out, you will now how to get people to your gigs. To me, that’s half the battle.

Small Japanese convenience store
What are people buying by Egor Myznik

How competitive are your search terms?

Using popular search terms in your gig title and description can mean more views. Ash is very accurate and use should use the Fiverr search engine as a tool to figure this out.

The best way to find keywords for your gig is to use Fiverr search engine. Write your generic service title in the search box and look for different suggestions that come with it. They are the keywords that buyers usually search for that particular service.

How to Find the Most Searched Keywords on Fiverr – Ash Knows

Let’s talk about gig flippers?

There are people on Fiverr that focus on optimizing gigs to get traffic. After they win gigs, they farm out the gigs to other people to do the work. This can net them a nice profit for doing literally none of the work. Good or bad, flippers may be taking gigs away from you due to the added competition they bring to your niche. Unfortunately, this group may be better at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than you are right now. This can be a headache but SEO is a skill you can learn. If you want help with this one, I can definitely help.

Are you promoting your gigs?

Fiverr allows you to promote gigs directly on the platform. This costs more but isn’t your only option. Pinterest can be a great referral source for your gigs. Let’s say design logos. You can post some of your work to Pinterest and link to your gigs or landing page that sends people to your gig.

What are you doing differently?

Sometimes the answer is nothing. However, small or even subtle changes can impact how many people see your gigs. Let’s say when you first started on Fiverr you answered questions about your gigs in 2 hours. Now you respond within a day. Guess what? This can have an impact on how responsive you are on the Fiverr platform. Fiverr wants you to be active and responsive. Small changes can have big impacts.

Think outside the box art
Think Differently by Shahram Anhari

How does your pricing look?

If you’re not careful, you can price yourself out of the market. This can happen even if you don’t update your prices. Fiverr is not a platform where you can set your prices and forget about them. Fiverr is like a plant you have to water it from time to time. If you don’t, well, you know what happens when you don’t water a plant.

Give thought to copycats

It’s very easy to copy a gig on Fiverr. Many people start on Fiverr by looking at what’s successful and duplicating that. Your gig may be surrounded by a number of copies. This can cause potential buyers to think your gig is fake or low quality. I constantly watch my competition. Their actions can impact your lively hood.

You’re drowning in competition

One day you may be the only gig in town. The next day, there are 1,000s of people offering similar services. I don’t mean copycats. There are real sellers that have built a reputation in the space you’re operating in. This can be a challenge to overcome.

Lack of traffic

At the end of the day, the world is constantly changing and evolving. This applies to Fiverr as well. People will search for help in different ways. This could mean picking different options when evaluating which gig to buy.

Your gig and the metadata associated with it can fall out of fashion quickly. What worked today, may not work tomorrow. You should watch trends in traffic to your gig. The amount of traffic tells you how relevant you’re in the marketplace.

Are you still stuck?

I know I presented a few solutions to try. Unfortunately, you don’t have a captured audience on Fiverr. There are many things out of your control that will dictate how many gigs you land. If you tried everything on that list and still haven’t figured it out, add a comment below. I will gladly help you.

truck stuck in mud
Stuck in the mud by Aubrey Odom

Have you tried other platforms?

Fiverr is not the only gig in town. You should take a look at these other platforms. I really like Upwork. The model is slightly different than Fiverr, but you would not be locked into Fiverr if you explore other platforms.

What if I don’t have a Fiverr account? How can I start?

Getting started with Fiverr is very easy. There are five steps to creating a Fiverr account. 

  1. Go to the Fiverr home page and click become a seller
  2. Click become a seller
  3. Enter your email and click continue
  4. Choose your password
  5. Click join and that’s it you’re all done you now have a Fiverr account 

Note: If you sign up with the link in step 1, we both get up to $100 to spend on Fiverr.