Want some extra cash? You should try crypto mining.


Crypto mining is a great way to earn cash. The process is easy to understand and get started. Here are steps to get you started.

Where to start with crypto mining?

Most people start with Bitcoin. Why Bitcoin? Most people have heard of Bitcoin since it was the first modern crypto-currency. Many people have heard of a few other crypto-currencies like Ethereum, Doge, or Shiba Inu. There are thousands of altcoins out there. Altcoins are what people call crypto-currencies that are not Bitcoin.

What is mining in crypto?

Mining is how networks of specialized computers generate and release new coins and verify recent transactions

How are coins mined through crypto mining?

Coins are mined with CPUs, GPUs, and ASICs. People buy or build customized special-purpose machines like ASICs or use their GPUs on their gaming PC when they’re not playing games to mine coins.

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Is crypto mining illegal?

Few countries have banned the mining of Bitcoin so far. One big reason is the environmental impact. To mine certain altcoins, you need a lot of power. In some cases, we’re burning fossil fuels to mine coins.

How much can you make by crypto mining?

This depends on which coin is being mined. You can use a yield calculator to figure out the details for a specific scenario.

Why do I constantly hear about Bitcoin when people talk about mining?

Bitcoin is by far the most people use of blockchain. People use Bitcoin to buy pizzas, and soon you will be able to buy a Telsa if you like. People are starting to use Bitcoin to transact more and more. People are running businesses that accept Bitcoin. We love to talk about business at Gigsonline check out some more of our work.

People see the value in Bitcoin. Everybody wants Bitcoin because of this. How do you get Bitcoin? You mine Bitcoin. That’s why people are talking about it.

Who’s crypto mining Bitcoin today?

Bitcoin mining is dominated by mining farms. There are groups of people with hundreds of machines focused on the sole task of mining Bitcoin. You may want to think about mining other coins because of this fact.

Who’s crypto mining Ethereum today?

Ethereum’s ecosystem is a bit more diverse due to a few reasons. This altcoin is ASIC resistance. You can’t take a machine that mines Bitcoin and try to mine Ethereum. It doesn’t work that way.

Most people are mining Ethereum with GPUs. This really levels the playing field. Anyone with a computer that has a decent graphics card can mine Ethereum. Most people are likely mining Ethereum if they do.

With Ethereum, you don’t have the same concentration of large mining farms as with Bitcoin. I encourage people to start here.

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What if I don’t have the hardware to mine?

There are many ways to acquire coins, like airdrops and faucets. These are great options, but have you heard about mining simulators? Rollercoin is my first pick to try out. You can sign up here.

Note: The RollerCoin link is a referral link. If you sign up, you and I both earn additional coins.

Is the RollerCoin crypto miner simulator real?

Yes, RollerCoin is a free mining game to earn altcoins. You play mini-games to gain mining power. You can pick which altcoins you want to mine with your mining power. 

“RollerCoin is a free simulation game, whereby playing alone or with your friends, you actually make some money.”

How much can I make crypto mining on RollerCoin?

RollerCoin is a long game. If you consistently play, you can earn money over time. However, you’re not going to get rich playing RollerCoin anytime soon. The top players on the leaderboard earn around $1,500 worth of crypto a month!

How do you play RollerCoin crypto mining simulator?

RollerCoin Game Events and Earn Crypto