Side Hustle Stack Guide – How to Marry DoorDash with Swagbucks


What is a side hustle stack?

To stack side hustles is a clever way to earn multiple incomes while doing another task. It is a great way to maximize your profits and earnings. Stacking resources on top of your main gig can help you save money or get out of debt. Finding safe and reliable online side hustles can be kind of tricky. Knowing which sites are trustworthy is a job in itself. Using a few of the examples on this site can help you get started.

A child stacking blocks just like stacking side hustles
Stack side hustles are like blocks by Ivan Samkov

What is the primary side hustle?

The primary hustle is DoorDash. There are a few companies in the Uber for food delivery space. Uber’s offshoot of Uber Eats comes to mind. The good news is that you can use DoorDash, Uber Eats, or several other platforms as your base hustle. Your goal with this hustle is to deliver food for people.

One major flaw with this gig is that there’s a lot of down. We will talk about this more later in this post. This is the constant feedback that’s negative that I get from people on platforms where you deliver food to people. But, don’t worry you can stay busy and earn money while doing it.

A Doordash delivery guy walking down the street
Doordash delivery guy by RODNAE Productions

What hustle are you stacking?

You will stack Swagbucks on top of DoorDash. Swagbucks is great when you have downtime. You can get in and out of the application quickly. That’s the key that you can leverage to maximize your earnings between DoorDash runs.

Earnings from Swagbucks surveys or games use a points based system. The cash out threshold is fairly standard. You can earn cash through Paypal starting at $5 which is 500 points or get gift cards as low as $1 from places like Amazon and Apple. I myself favor the Visa gift cards, which can be used at a variety of retailers in store or online. 

If surveys are not your thing. Use the idle time you’re waiting to play app-based games, like Club Vegas. Swagbucks will give you points for installing and playing games. Which can be used to redeem gift cards or Paypal cash.

Why should you stack these hustles?

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Stacking your gigs or side hustles is a great way to maximize your time and money. For instance, if you are a food delivery driver and are waiting for at least 5 minutes or more for the customer’s order, instead of looking at social media or emails you can be earning cash. Using a survey app like Swagbucks you can quickly do a 2-minute survey to earn cash or gift cards to popular retailers. Getting paid for your main gig plus a little extra for playing video games.. sounds like fun right?

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