How to earn $40 to $60 with Club Vegas on Swagbucks for free


What is Club Vegas Slots on Swagbucks?

Club Vegas Slots is a popular slot machine mobile application available through Swagbucks. It’s straightforward to play. You earn experience every time you win. The goal is to win much as possible.

What’s the challenge?

To get your Swagbucks, you need to reach level 100 in Club Vegas in 7 days. After you get to level 100, it takes a few days for the offer to clear in Swagbucks, but it will arrive eventually. This game is easy and requires very little attention to maintain.

How much can you earn from Swagbuck for Club Vegas?

Club Vegas via Google Play

At one point, I saw this available for 6,500 SB. Right now, I see it’s available for 4,600 SB. Yes, you could have made $65 with this app, but now it’s down to $46.

Club Vegas Early game strategy – Level 1 to 25

When you first start, the best game is Spin of Fortune. There are a few bonuses in this game. You have a mini-game and bonus multiplier tiles in the machine. Starting with a min-bet of $4,500 will level you fast. Yes, this game plays on the theme of Wheel of Fortune. 

Club Vegas Mid game strategy – Level 26 to 50

Mystic Moon not from Vegas Club via Creative Fabrica
Mystic Moon not from Vegas Club via Creative Fabrica

You can pick any game for this one. However, you should bet around .5 to 1% of your bankroll. A game like Mystic Moon is a good pick for leveling up. There’s a bonus pool that multiple players share. You can consistently get bonuses. You can walk away and let this one run. 

Late game strategy – Level 51 to 89

At this point, you should think about joining a club if you haven’t yet. Join a club is a great way to increase your bankroll. You can focus on club challenges. These activities not only help your bankroll but help the other people you’re playing in your club. 

Club Vegas Slots for Android by up to Uptodown
Club Vegas Slots games for Android by up to Uptodown

The game choice isn’t super important here, but remember to keep your betting ratio sense. If you use 2% of your bankroll per spin, you can go broke in 50 spins. Club Vegas on Swagbucks is a marathon. You want to play as long as possible. Keep this in mind when you’re set the amount to beg.

End game strategy – Level 90 to 100

You’re going to need 10s of millions of dollars to level. To get to level 100, you’re going to need 10 million dollars won for this level alone.

You can use Swagbucks while doing other things

Your goal is to play with a $1 million per roll. Playing this way allows you to breeze through these levels. If you keep your betting sensible, you can buy yourself enough time for jackpots or mega wins. It’s effortless to get hundreds of millions of dollars in this game.

What should you do with the money?

You can do whatever you like. However, I would encourage you not to blow it. I would think about taking your earnings and making it into a passive income stream. is an excellent choice to buy fractional stocks and crypto-currencies.

Note: The suggestion above is not financial advice. I’m sharing my personal opinion. If you would like to learn more about business and my thoughts on leveraging Swagbucks effectively, check out more of my work. Also, there are referral links in the post.

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