How many months of the year have 28 days?


Most people rush and answer one, which is February. That’s not the correct answer. The answer is evident if you slow down and think.

The Answer: All months have 28 days

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All months by Pixelbay

The answer is all of the months or 12. A question like this can trip you up if you’re not paying attention. The question plays on appearing to have an easy solution. People tend to gravitate toward February because leap years have 29 days in February. There are a lot of cognitive anchors around this month for this question.

Tests try to mimic the real world

In life, you will have to make decisions. Here are a few you face daily.

  • Do you get out of bed? 
  • Do you brush your teeth? 
  • Should you shower? 

Hopefully, your answer to all those questions is yes every day. I can’t think of many people who like working with people who smell. You can choose to be smelly or get with the program. Tests are designed for you to make decisions. A test attempts to simulate the decision-making process. Some tests are good at this, but I will not cover this in the post.

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A woman learning from mistakes by Liza Summer

Tests aren’t about making you feel stupid or calling you out because you didn’t study. Tests are in place to verify your knowledge and provide opportunities to learn. Did you get an answer wrong? Why? Figure out the gap and plug it.

A lot of people get this answer wrong

People get this wrong due to thinking fast. An answer pops in your head, and you immediately go with it. You could be answering the question you want to answer and not the original question.

one plus one equals three is written on a black chalkboard with white chalk
Wrong answer by George Becker

To combat this, you need to slow down and think. Yes, this takes more time, but you can avoid many foolish mistakes on your part if you do this.

Why are you talking about days in a month and not how to get gigs online?

Some of you probably answered one month. That’s fine, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed by this answer. I hope this points out gaps or holes in approaching a problem. Some problems require fast thinking. E.g., I’m driving down the road, and my tire went flat. What should I do? And some challenges require slow thinking. E.g. My customer is yelling at me, what should I do?

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Small food stand by Egor Myznik

I would encourage you to think about any side business, hustle, or gig as a business. That’s why I wrote this post. I’m going to let you in on a bit of a secret. Most side hustles and gigs are microbusinesses. I encourage you to poke around the business section of this blog. You may find something you like.