Which of the following describes a growth mindset, as opposed to a fixed mindset?


Understanding the differences between a growth and fixed mindset is very important. You can understand how people approach problems based on the perspective the choose to use. Below are a few example statements. See if you can tell if the statements shows a growth or fixed mindset.

Challenging yourself by persisting longer with problems helps to grow your mental muscle

a man on a challenging vertical climb
Person on a challenging climb by Aнна Pыжкова

The statement is a growth mindset. The keyword is grow. Always look for clues in the choices.

Learning and growing your brain through opportunities help performance in school

a Brain scan
Brain scan by Cottonbro

I see the word grow in this statement. So this one is a growth mindset. This is the very definition of a lifelong learner.

Believing your talents, abilities, and intelligence can be developed in different ways

a person's hand reaching up to grab a light bulb
Intelligence is within reach by Luca Nardone

We don’t see the word grow, growing, or growth in this statement. The word develop is in the statement. To develop is to grow. So this one would be a growth mindset too.

What’s an example of a fixed mindset?

I watch YouTube for eight hours a day. I get angry when I run out of bandwidth to stream, and there’s no wifi around.

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