Side Hustle Stacking – Receipt Reward Apps


Can use the same receipt for multiple reward apps?

Yes, you can take one receipt and use it multiple times to claim rewards.

What are the best receipt reward apps that can I stack?

There are many apps. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the pain to figure out which ones are worth your time. We did this already. If you aren’t using one of the apps today and decide to sign up, please use the referral links/codes list below. We both benefit if you use the referral code. Thanks in advance.


Fetch Rewards is a free shopping app that awards points in exchange for scans of your receipts. You can then redeem those points for gift cards. Fetch accepts receipts from many types of stores. For each eligible scan, you’ll earn at least five points.
Fetch rewards logo screen on an Android device - Receipt Reward Apps
Fetch rewards logo screen on an Android device

Fetch is relatively new to me. I have friends that used it for a while now and it’s legit. One sent me a referral link and I was up and running in a few options. If you want to give Fetch a try, you can sign up here (M2FV32).


Essentially, Swagbucks is a portal that offers users reward points for doing simple tasks online like searching the web, watching videos and completing paid surveys. You’ll be ‘paid’ in Swagbucks points (shortened to ‘SBs’) which can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

One feature of Swagbucks is the ability to take photos of your receipts and earn SB for them. Magic receipts in Swagbucks are magical. Yes, pun intended. Submitting magic receipts is something that you can do every day with minimal effort. If you don’t have a Swagbucks account, you can create an account on this page.


What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a free cashback app. You can receive cash back rewards through your shopping activity online and in-store.

ibotta logo screen on an android device - Receipt Reward Apps
Ibotta logo screen on an android device

Receipt rewards from this app are consistent. Sometimes you have to scan the barcode of the items you purchased. I experienced pain personal. I brought a box of pasta, moved the pasta to a container where I keep pasta and threw away the original box. I scan the receipt from the place where I brought the pasta. Guess what? Ibotta asked me to scan the barcode. Let’s just say I didn’t get credit for the pasta. However, this is a consistent application. I received multiple payouts from this app.

Receipt Hog

I recently came across this app. I really like it. The one thing that sets this app apart from the other apps is that this app is heavily gamified. While using the app, I sometimes forget I’m scanning receipts.

Receipt Hog - Receipt Reward Apps

Receipt Pal

Receipt Hog is a mobile app that rewards users for snapping pictures of their grocery receipts. For each receipt you upload a photo of, you’ll earn coins which can be redeemed for cash!

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