Best side hustles in 2020 – Do they still work today?


Do you love posts from years ago? I always wonder if the advice is still relevant today. Let’s see if the best side hustles in 2020 are still any good.

What we will review today

The post I’m reviewing today is from Jake. He goes by the FI Travelguy. Who is Jake? He says this about himself.

​​​I’m Jake,  a dude interested in personal finance and travel creating the life I choose.

Let’s dig in…

Driving Service

The world closed and opened back up after 2020. Now, people are traveling again. We will likely don masks in the future. However, masks are stopping travel. People are now flying to other locations. When they get to their destinations, they need a ride. Services like Lyft and Uber are they when people need them.

a guy driving a bmw car
Driver by Hassan Ouajbir

Just like in 2020, people use Lyft and Uber. If you’re not in an oversaturated area that has good demand. You can thrive as a driver. In addition to taking people from point A to B, people need items to grow from point A to B. Don’t want to drive people, that’s fine. You can drive the groceries or other items from point A to B for them.

Verdict: You probably have less competition, because people are still concerned about the health and safety of driving people you don’t know around.

Rent Out Your House

I will talk about this in detail in the Real Estate section. A major fact surfaced since 2020. Being able to work 100% remote is a reality for a lot of people. You don’t need to be in the same city as your office. You can be 100s of miles away and still be productive. This is a game-changer for many people. There has been a massive exodus from areas with a high cost of living. People are moving to where they want to be.

Verdict: Yes, but… If you have a place to rent in a market people want to be in, you win. If not, this one may not work for you. This is one really depends on location.

Customer Interviews

There are a lot of new ideas being worked on. This requires validations in the marketplace. Many individuals and companies are looking for feedback on the product and services they’re working on. You can provide this service by providing a customer interview.

Verdict: Neutral. This is a niche field to get into. Based on your expertise, you may not find many opportunities.

Teach A Skill/Passion

Sites like Udemy and Skillshare show no sign of slowing. Many people had a lot of free time and not a lot of things. todo since 2022. We’re experiencing a skill-up renaissance around the world. Because of this, there is more demand for ways to skill up. Creating a course to help people skill up is an option.

a teacher gives a high five a student - Best side hustles in 2020
Teach a class by Katerina Holmes

Verdict: Yes, there’s more demand since 2020. However, gaining a following to take your course may still be tricky for most people.


Not enough intel at this time.

Verdict: N/A. We have to do more research on this one.

Create Content 

I will saw that content creation is a viable side hustle. I’ve made money blogging personally hosted sites, and platforms like Hive.

Verdict: Yes, this is a valid one, but content creation takes time.

Sell Things Online

Since 2020 online spending has massively increased due to the number of people that can’t go into physical stores. Now is a great time to sell items or services online. For items, you have established platforms like Ebay and Etsy. Depending on what you’re trying to sell, there’s a platform that’s a great fit for your items and/or services.

a Street Market - Best side hustles in 2020
Street Market by Ryutaro Tsukata

Verdict: Yes, demand is stronger. More people are buying things online than in 2020.

Sell Your Services 

Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr have thrived since 2020. There’s been a lot of small business activity throughout the world. Many people don’t like sites like Upwork and Fiverr. They feel it’s a race to the bottom. There are people looking for gigs throughout the world. They are also willing to do jobs at very low prices.

Yes, this does seem dismal, but don’t fear. You just have to find your niche. When you can offer a unique service that people really need, you will find plenty of work.

Verdict: Yes, maybe slightly more competition because of the increase of remote workers.

Real Estate

People will always need food and shelter. For shelter, some people want to find a place to rent. While others want to find a home to buy. After 2020, many people could not do things in person. This included attending open houses and visiting the rental office of a complex for a tour. Luckily technology has stepped up in this sector. Now it’s super is to rent or buy a home.

a bird eye view of homes in a residential area
Real Estate houses by The Lazy Artist

Verdict: Yes, just as strong as 2020.

Digital Marketing Agency

If you could build websites in 2020, guess what. You can still use that skill today. After 2020, we had a pandemic. This triggered a few things. First, many people elected to leave their job and try new things. This included people starting businesses. Second, yes, that’s right. People started businesses. Many people want to look professional and have a website.

a desk with a plant, keyboard, coffee, glasses, and tablet with an online marketing graphic on the screen
Online Marketing by Dominika Roseclay

Demand is strong today than it was in 2020. This hustle is still relevant today. You may find yourself buried in work if you’re not careful.

Verdict: Yes, this is still viable.

Summary: Best side hustles in 2020

Pretty much all of hustles from this post are still viable. I believe this will be the case for a few more years to come. Maybe we will check back in 5 years. I wonder how many of the hustles will still be viable.