Top side hustle blogs you should read immediately!


I want to grow my side hustle. Where do I start?

If you have this question, you’re not alone. The best place to start is with education. Start with side hustle blogs. Learning from other successes and failures is not hard. Here are blogs worth reading to help grow your side hustle.

Hack the Entrepreneur

The purpose of the site is simple. Johnny Nastor shares, “My organic growth strategy is simple – listen, learn, strategize, and execute.” I don’t think people understand the importance of execution. You should craft a strategy to execute. How do you know if your strategy is working? You listen to your customers and potential clients for feedback. When you collect feedback, you learn. If you’re doing things right, double down. If you’re not doing things right, make changes. Rinse and repeat.

The truth is this process should be a habit you practice. It’s super easy to get distracted and invest energy in all types of things you shouldn’t invest in. You can learn a lot from Hack the Entrepreneur. With any side hustle, you should focus on proper growth, this site can help you get there.

Smart Passive Income

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Pat Flynn has written books and started Smart Passive Income. The blog discusses topics like traditional passive income streams like investing in certificate deposits (CDs) and index funds. The blog also examines how you can streamline your side hustle to make them more passive.

As you start to scale up your business, you can’t do everything on your own. You have to figure out how to share the load and profits with others. The Small Passive Income blog can help you with this.

How do you validate your business idea so you don’t waste time and money?

I wanted to share that Pat Flynn answered this question in a book he wrote. The title of the book is Will it fly? I recommend you read this book. Pat uses his personal experience to explain the hard lessons he learned. I think he doesn’t want you to make the same mistakes and why he wrote the book. Pat has a lot of experience with side hustles. I would take the opportunity to learn from someone that has been successful. Pat definitely checks that box.

Will It Fly? by pat flynn
Will it Fly by Pat Flynn

Note: If you’re low on cash and really want to read this book, drop a comment explaining why you want read the book. I may or may not have a couple of code for this book to share. Good comments may get a free copy.

Side Hustles Blogs – Work from Home Adventures

I have a friend named D. We would try to figure out how we can hustle our way out of a day job. We would continue dream up new solutions to problems all the time. Years later we’re a still good friends. We still have day jobs. However, we work by choice and not necessity. We’ve figured out how to diversify our income streams. It’s been a fun ride and we’ve learned a lot on the way.

Why did I shared this story? When I read posts on Work from Home Adventures, it’s like I’m reliving my brainstorming sessions with D. We always came up with great ideas. Go read a few articles on the site. I’m pretty you will have a ‘oh, I guess you can make money doing that’ moment.

Side Hustles Blogs –Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile ran this blog for ten years. Tara also hosts a podcast called What Works. She focuses on strategy for side businesses. Strategy is very important regardless of what stage your business is in. Here’s a video where Tara talks about the art of selling what you make.

The Art of Selling What You Make with Tara Gentile

Side Hustles Blogs – Side Hustle Nation

Some people see a 9 – 5 job as a prison. I get it if you see the world this way. Not everyone on this planet has a great job. That’s a fact and not some made-up BS. Side Hustle Nation focused on giving you options to get out of a 9 – 5.

I think people cringe at a few things with traditional 9 – 5s. First is the lack of flexibility. Regardless of what you’re producing, you need your butt in your seat so people can see you perform that job. The great thing is that this has been flipped on it’s head. You don’t need to be in an office or have visual contact with your superiors to do great work. The one bonus from the pandemic.

Second, the structure is too rigid. What if I want to work early on Monday through Wednesday and work late on Thursday and Friday? 9 – 5s don’t work well with this desire. Many people love options. When you work a 9 – 5s, you feel like you have fewer options. Side Hustle Nation dives deep into creating options.

Side Hustles Blogs – The Solopreneur Hour Podcast

Some people are lone wolves. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you want to go it alone and rely only on yourself, that’s being a Solopreneur. Many people want to run a business, but not have the hassle of having employees. I say more power to those people. The Solopreneur blog and podcast share how people do this successfully. It’s always great to learn from others’ experiences.

I say you want to start many side hustles as a Solopreneur. You can reevaluate as the business grows. If you want to pull in people to help, great. If not, keep providing great services to your clients. Grow at your own pace.

What else should I think about?

Thanks for getting this far. At the end of the day, your side hustle is a business. I write about business on this blog. If you have questions, feel free to add a comment with your question. I love answering them.