How to earn $45 or more with Farmville 3 on Swagbucks 


What is Farmville 3 on Swagbucks?

Farmville 3 is a popular farming simulator mobile application available through Swagbucks. It’s fun to play. You earn experience by leveling up your animals. The goal is to get to the highest level possible by growing your farm.

What’s the challenge?

To get your Swagbucks, you need to reach level 30 in Farmville in 10 days. You also need to make an in-game purchase. After you get to level 30 and make an in-game purchase, it takes 14 days for the offer to clear in Swagbucks. This game is easy and requires a little bit of interaction to level.

How much can you earn from Swagbuck for Farmville 3?

Farmville 3 Swagbucks welcome home by Zynga
Farmville 3 welcome home by Zynga

You can earn $35 to $40 with Farmville 3 on Swagbucks. The number is reduced because you have to make an in-game purchase.

What is the Farmville 3 Swagbucks offer?

Right now, I saw this available for 4,500 SB. I’m pretty sure you can make more at a different time. It really depends on the offer. It will change from time to time.

Farmville 3 Early game strategy – Level 1 to 10

You’re in luck. There’s a channel named Lets Play FarmVille on YouTube. The creator provides a walkthrough that shows you how to get to level 10 in around 2.5 hours. Here’s the video that shows you step by step.

Farmville 3 New Game and Level up Livestream

Farmville 3 Mid game strategy – Level 11 to 19

The Lets Play FarmVille channel has you covered with this one too. You can watch this stream to see how to approach the game after you reach level 11.

Farmville 3 Play through and tips Level 10+ Livestream

Farmville 3 Late game strategy – Level 20 to 30

This is the end game, but guess who has you covered? Yes, it’s the Lets Play FarmVille channel. And no, the channel is not a sponsor, but they really nailed advice for this game. Learn about

Farmville 3. Leveling up and training farmhands using stickers

Which FarmVille 3 codes worked in the past?

These worked in the past. Who knows. They may still work for you today. If they do, drop a comment so other people know these are still relevant. Thanks!

  • readyfor2022 – two emeralds.
  • lovefv3 – free rewards.
  • lovefarmville – exotic pet token and farmhand stickers

How can I make more money with apps like Swagbucks?

Have you heard of Ibotta or Receipt PalThese apps operate similarly to Swagbucks. You scan a receipt and get paid to do this.

I’m going to tell you about a little secret called side hustle staking. In this case, you can take a receipt you scanned in Swagbucks and reuse it in another app. You can get paid at least 4 times with the same receipt if you follow the instructions in this post.

What should you do with the money?

You can do whatever you like. However, I would encourage you not to blow it. I would think about taking your earnings and making them into a passive income stream. You can get $10 to start for free if you use this linkPublic is an excellent choice to buy fractional stocks and crypto-currencies. You can start with a really small amount of money.

Note: The suggestion above is not financial advice. I’m sharing my personal opinion. If you would like to learn more about business and my thoughts on leveraging Swagbucks effectively, check out more of my work. Also, there are referral links in the post.

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