Have you thought to sell your knitting photos?


Blogs and websites need a steady supply of photos. Pictures are what draw most readers to an article. You will not be successful in copying and pasting images at will from other websites. You have to be aware of copyright laws. You also don’t get the traction using this technique.

a white scarf that still being knitted laying on a wooden table
knitting by Anastasia Zhenina

Where do website images and photos come from

Many website owners source their photos for blogs and other projects from websites. There exist free websites that contain copyright-free images. However, a lot of people source from these sites. Bloggers also routinely leverage stock photo websites. Stock photo sites cost more than free ones, but buyers have more choices than free ones.

a woman knitting a silver belt
Woman knitting by Diego Pontes

Selling photos can be lucrative

Selling your knitting photos can make a lot of money. It would help if you had a mobile phone and basic knowledge of taking an image. You can learn photography and other skills on sites like Udemy or Skillshare. After you have your pictures, you can head over to Shutterstock to sell your photographs. Using this process can be a great sort of passive income. You take a picture once and get paid for it multiple times.

Selling knitting photos can be similar to blogging

Selling photos of your knitting is similar to activities like blogging. You have to stay the course, but this can be a reliable source of income with a little consistent effort. There is strong demand for good quality knitting-related images. Moving knitting photos is an unusual way to make money you may not have previously considered.

a grey, orange, and green knitted sweaters with an old camera on top of the orange sweater
Knitted blanket and a camera by Daria Shevtsova

Random knitting tip #1 – Ziploc bags

Store yarn in Ziploc bags to avoid gathering dust or attracting moths. Some bags also have space for writing. Use this fact to your advantage. For example, write it on the bag if the yarn is terrible. Ziploc bags can save you from buying the same awful yarn in the future.

YouTube is your friend

I’m a big believer in utilizing YouTube as much as possible to learn as fast a possible. Learn to take images of your knitting from the site. Why am I adding guides to the page? You may not have the time or cash to invest in places like Udemy or Skillshare. I want this post to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Take great photos of your knitting!

Take great photos of your knitting!

This guide is pretty insightful, packed with many tips, but not too long before making a long investment in learning something new. I like to dive in to obtain a high-level view of the topic. This video is at that sweet spot from my perspective.

Tips to improve your knit and crochet photos!

Tips to improve your knit and crochet photos!

This video is excellent. It’s concise and to the point. You get all the facts in under 6 minutes. If you’re in patience or a hurry, what this video. You will not be disappointed.

Random knitting tip #2 – Use good tools

Using good needles can make a massive difference to your knitting experience. Use a circular needle if you have a lot of stitches. Circular needles are excellent for large projects. Also, use the right tools for the project. If you need help selecting the right tools or need recommendations, please add a comment with your question.