Dirt simple ways to get repeat customers on Fiverr


Do you have repeat customers? You have a few, right? I did a little research and here is how you can make your customers come back again and again.

Really care about their business

There is a lot of power in asking exploratory questions. Taking time to understand how their business works can give you insight into how to navigate any gig.

Always be available

This one is super important. I’m not saying be on Fiverr 24/7. That’s crazy. You have to sleep at some point. Now, you don’t have to be on the platform 24/7, but you can appear to be. The key is to respond to requests as soon as possible. Yes, it’s that simple.

open sign hung on a tree
Open Availability by James Lee

The one thing that bugs me is bad customer service. This is the reason I don’t go to the store to buy things anymore. I recently looked up an item to purchase. I verified on the website that the item I wanted to purchase was in stock. There were 8 remaining items based on the website. I get to the store and guess what happened? There were zero items remaining. No one could tell me why the website was out of date.

Don’t be this type of seller on Fiverr. Being available is great customer service. Customers really like and expect great customer service. This is an unwritten rule so many people tend to forget.

Do your keyword research

I’ve purchased gigs on Fiverr. After I completed a few gigs, I wanted to experience the buy-side of the platform. I wanted to understand how Fiverr works through the eyes of a seller. For the gigs I purchases, the seller really did their homework. This homework included keyword research. The words I typed in Fiverr’s search returned exactly what I wanted. It didn’t take me long to pick a seller for my gig.

When you’re creating a gig, if you structure your offering around what people are searching for, you will get a lot of traffic. If a person arrives at your gig by doing their homework, they will likely get to your gig again in the future if they need help with a task. Keyword research is very important. Make it easy for customers to find you again and again.

Reward Their Loyalty

a thank you card sitting on a wooden table
loyalty – thank you very much by Jon Tyson

If they’re a great customer, shower them with perks. Give out personalized discount codes if they refer friends or other businesses to your gigs. Yes, many customers will not go crazy about this, but there will always be a few customers that love this. They will also advertise for you. Keep this in mind with loyal customers.

Share what you learned

Whenever I completed a gig, I learned something. I did the following in the past. After the gig was complete and I received my rating, I invested time in composing a thank you note. The note included one or two skills or abilities I learned while doing my customer’s gig. This works really well with some customers.

I’ve received referrals from customers that felt honored that I took the time to share how I grew. The truth is that no one else does this. Sending this note takes 5 minutes and it can hook a customer for life.

Hungry for more?

First, I want to say thanks for reading this post. If you want to learn more about Fiverr, you can check out my Fiverr Forum series. I spent a lot of time on Fiverr’s forum and learn a lot. I started this series to distill what I learned. You can do this as well, but I wanted to get you a shortcut to the good stuff.