Is Honeygain Legit? – Full Edited Transcript


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This is Eliot from Gigs Online, and today we’re going to answer the question: is Honeygain legit? One thing you may be wondering first is what Honeygain is. Honey gain is this great app that will
allow you to share your internet. You can earn money through your home or mobile internet from Honeygain, and many people are excited about apps like this. It’s an app where you can earn passive income when you set it up and just let it run.

When I’m trying to answer a question like, is Honeygain legit? I find something that is very authoritative. One place that I look at as being authoritative is Quora. I did a little searching and found this great answer from Patrick Yagi. He created a lengthy explanation of what Honeygain is. What it offers, and he breaks it down. In his conclusion, he talks about the pros and cons.

Here are some pros. Honeygain is a way to gain passive income. You receive payments through PayPal or Bitcoin. Honeygain is available globally. Honeygain has an excellent bonus referral program. You get a portion of whatever your referrals earn. Honeygain is available on many

Here are a few cons. There’s a high payment threshold. In the US, the threshold is twenty dollars. You may earn anywhere from 10 to 50 cents daily based on your Internet type and location. There are a lot of things that factor into that, and then there are high fees associated when you cash out. That’s one thing to look out for and think about.

The reality is that you install this app, let it run, and it chugs along. Once you hit your payout, you only did a little work.

As an alternative to Quora, I look at Reddit. You can get a lot of feedback from Reddit. I see that there is a subreddit for Honeygain. In the subreddit, the community agrees that Honeygain is effortless passive income.

I agree that you will spend 10-15 minutes setting Honeygain up per device. After this, you just let it run.

In the end, yes, Honeygain is legit. If you’re interested in other apps like Honeygain, where you’re sharing your bandwidth. I did a quick
tutorial on another one called Peer2Profit. I will link that in the

In summary, is Honeygain legit? Yes, it’s legit. I’ve used it for a while. I still need to hit a payment threshold. I will be fine when I try to get a payment dispersed.

Have you used Honeygain? Are you using it right now? I would love to
hear your comments or your feelings about this application. Honeygain is pretty cool. The app is one way for you to earn passive income.

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