Is domain reselling profitable and wickedly easy to do?


Yes, you can make money flipping domains. Domain reselling is very profitable. I’ve collected stories of people that have successfully resold domains.

I have a lot of questions about domain reselling

I’m glad you’re curious about the topic. We will dive into domain reselling, profitability, and how you go about doing this in this post. I also track a list of commonly asked questions with respect to domain flipping. If you don’t see a question there that should be, either add a comment here or in that post. I will take a look and get it included to that list.

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Questions by Olya Kobruseva

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you ask questions a few things happen. One, you’re in a vulnerable place when you do this. Fortunately for you, people love to share about things they’re passionate about. They will treat your questions with respect and go the extra mile to make sure you understand their perspective. Two, asking questions is an easier way to level up your knowledge. You’re using your active learning skills when you do this. This can be a very efficient way to learn and become proficient with new things. If you would like me to write about active learning skills, please drop a comment below. No topic is sacred.

What does YouTube say?

Youtube is a great tool to go from novice to knowledge in pretty much any topic. I’ve reviewed these videos to fast-track your learning. There are a lot of different views and methods in these videos. Hopefully, one will resonate with you. If you try out one of the techniques in the video, please add a comment to share your experience. I would like to incorporate your experience into this post if possible.

How to start a domain flipping business

Domain flipping with Tommy Bryson via YouTube

Tommy Bryson created his Youtube channel to share what he learned to achieve financial success. His strategy is to buy a domain with a small investment. He then holds the domain until he can sell to the right buyer. This is a very solid strategy. This is a classic money-making tactic: buy low and sell high. He invested around $1,000 in five domains. His domains are worth $5,000 when he made the video.

What is Domain Catching?

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Domain catching is buying a domain right after it expires. Domains are registered all time of the day and expire a year after they are registered. So that means you can catch domains all day. This also means you can spend a lot of time waiting for domains to expire. When I think of domain catching, I think of being at the right time and place. It happens but you will have to be lucky often for this to be vaible.

How to buy and selling domain names for a profit

The Journey – How to buy and sell domain names for a profit

Go Daddy created a series called The Journey. In this segment, the hosts give you a five-step process to start and consistently profit with domain flipping. The truth is that domain flipping is a straightforward process. If you keep it simple, you can make money. It’s very easy to get distracted and invest time and energy in things that will not work. The Journey will help you avoid some pitfalls.

How Jody-Ann Rowe made $10,000 flipping domains

How I made $10,000 flipping domains

Jody-Ann Rowe is very truthful. She admits that she lost money purchasing a domain in the video. It’s a very good story that teaches a great lesson. I won’t ruin the story, but she brought a domain based on what she thought. That’s doesn’t always work out.

I really like when people are honest about wins, losses, and mistakes they learned along the way. Jody-Ann shares three tips to keep in mind with reselling domains.

Is domain flipping still profitable in 2022?

Yes, domain flipping is still profitable. This is true for a few reasons but I will focus on one scenario. Many people start companies and buy domains for these companies. Many companies fail and purchased domains are released back to the domain registry. There are many reasons why companies fail. In failure, there can be an opportunity. Domains that companies purchased, built a business around, and retired are profitable assets.

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Coins in a jar by Nataliya Vaitkevich

How so? People tend to think of similar things and arrive at similar conclusions. If you find a great name for a company, regardless of how that company does, it’s still a great name. When the great name is in a domain, that’s very powerful. That name can be a juggernaut brand in the right hands. You’re adding value and making money at the same time.

Should I buy deleted domains?

Deleted domains can be profitable. However, you have to do your homework. Finding a domain with backlinks is great. You need the right type of backlinks. If a deleted domain contains backlinks from reputable sites, that domain has value. Dofollow links add to domain authority. Anyone purchasing that domain can use those linked pages to produce content.

Some deleted domains have traffic. Yes, even though the domain doesn’t exist. The domain solved a problem for people in the past. Unfortunately, the domain is not solving the problem today. A buyer of your domain can help fill that gap. Again, this is very valuable.

How do I find deleted domains?

I use the site to find deleted domains. You can also find expired domains on that site. I mainly focus on deleted domains. Delete domains are simple to find. There’s also cheap. The cost is normally the same as creating a new domain.

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Delete by Miguel Padriñán

Once you’re at the home page, just click on deleted domains. There’s no secret or crazy method. You just pull up the list and search. I started by finding deleted domains I clicked with. When I say clicked, I read the domain and thought, hmm, that’s cool. I like that one. Those were the first domains I picked. I’m still happy with my picks months after making them. This site happens to be one of my picks. Surprise!

How to sell domain for profit in 2020

How to sell domain for profit in 2020 | 6 simple steps

David is a freelancer. He’s made a lot of money buying and selling domains. Why did he start flipping domains? There’s a big problem with freelancing. When you freelance, there exists a problem of inconsistent income. You don’t know when or if you will be paid for your investment. He figured how to supplement his income with domain flipping. Check out his six steps.

What do I do after I start making money reselling domain?

I’ve started businesses. I’ve done side hustles. Some of them were successful and some were not. For the successful one, something magical happens. The money is rolling in and you think, what should I do with this money. I’ve been fortunate to be in the space a few times in my life. When you start making money, you have to figure out how to make your money work for you. This applies to any business including domain reselling.

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Math Fail by George Becker

I would focus on making an active income stream from a side hustle like domain flipping to a passive income stream. Check out my other site Simple Passive Income Ideas. I talked about this topic in detail there. I also take requests. Leave a comment here or on that site if you want me to cover a particular topic.

What other questions do you have?

It can be hard to start something new. I’m happy you made it this far. I’m always willing to help. I just need to know how I can help. Add all your questions in the comment section below. My goal is to answer questions asap.